Bye Bye Bonnie

Alienography is a science fiction thriller about four friends who are in great danger after they inadvertently stumble upon an unworldly being who is also looking to take over their sleepy historic town. While the story is completely fictional we are pulling from real South Carolina history to tell our amazingly frightening story. Such as…

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Mars Bluff

Mars Bluff originally known as Marr’s Bluff is a small community located in Florence Country, South Carolina. While this small community has virtually vanished it has been home to many historical events. Mars Bluff was first home to the Mars Bluff Naval Yard, which was one of many inland Confederate naval yards in the south. However, Mars…

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UFO Welcome Center

In 1994, Jody Pendarvis built a dilapidated UFO Welcome Center in rural Bowman, South Carolina, which quickly became a popular destination for travelers and tourist alike. Last summer while location scouting, Faith Creech and Michael Tolbert stumbled upon this unique attraction and immediately knew they needed it for the film. They even based the character Jericho (Jon…

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Alienography Mulitmedia Story

Laura Galante a student at the University of South Carolina recently interviewed both Michael Tolbert and Kahlan Shull for a multimedia story on Alienography. Tolbert discusses balancing being a producer as well as an actor in the film while Shull discusses the tribal between the cast and crew.

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Alienography – The First Look

ALIENOGRAPHY OFFICIAL TRAILER INSPIRED BY ACTUAL EVENTS Who’s ready for an alien abduction? Starring: Michael Tolbert, Raven Demi Massey, Christian Manganelli, Kahlan Shull, Courtney Clowney, Jon Michael Trammell, Leroy Kelly, Harvey Brewer, Brittney Rachelle Fowler, and more. Stunt coordinator Andrew Gajadhar of American PIT Fighting Academy. Special thanks to the City of Newberry, SC Government,…

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