Alienography to preview sneak peek at Prelude to Infusco’s premiere

Alienography will preview a sneak peek of film at the Prelude to Infusco premiere on Saturday, May 7th at Tapps Arts Center in Columbia, SC. The event starts at 7pm and will also feature Wood: A Family Affair a short documentary film by Michael Tolbert.

Written, directed, and starring Ebony Wilson the film is set in a post-apocalyptic world and revolves around the lives of six rebel figures that have taken refuge in an abandoned sector against a genetically enhanced superhuman race.

Several familiar faces such as our very own Courtney Clowney, Christian Manganelli, Jon Trammell, Leroy Kelly, Andrew Gajadhar, and Harvey Brewer can also be found within the film. The film is produced by Andrew Gajadhar, Elisabet Rutstrom, Ron Hagell, and Cheryl Gajadhar in support of the local arts community and local talent.

For more information about the event.
For more information about the event.




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