South Carolina’s interesting connection to outer space

South Carolina has always had an interesting connection to outer space and the universe. Stories of atomic bombs to centers welcoming extraterrestrial life forms to earth have become popular destinations for travel seekers looking to uncover the strange and unusual. Among the stories itched into South Carolina history are three astronauts whose drive pushed them to … Continue reading South Carolina’s interesting connection to outer space

The Challenger Astronauts: Day of Remembrance

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challengers fatal disaster. This tragedy claimed all seven lives onboard. Among the astronauts was Ronald McNair a South Carolina native who was also the second African American to fly in space.

Podcast 4: Location Location Location

Do you believe in ghost? Well what if we told you one of our locations is very much haunted?? This week the Alienography tribe Kahlan Shull, Raven Demi Massey, Jon Trammell, and Michael Tolbert discuss who their favorite co-star is... No its not a person it's their favorite location. Also on the agenda for todays … Continue reading Podcast 4: Location Location Location

War of the Worlds: Podcast 1 – Halloween Edition

Listen to the podcast here: Podcast 1: Halloween Edition Podcast 1: Halloween Edition starts off by paying homage to War of the Wolds, aka the granddaddy of science fiction thrillers. The group then discusses the age old question, "Do you believe in aliens?" And last but not least, how are they spending their Halloween weekend.   … Continue reading War of the Worlds: Podcast 1 – Halloween Edition

Indiegogo hits $1000 mark…

BIG NEWS!!! We hit the $1000 mark on our Indiegogo campaign. We have just 5 days left so don't miss your chance to snag these amazing perks. To see list of perks and how to donate click on the photograph to the left.

Alienography is making headlines…

Alienography is making headlines. Check out this amazing article posted in The Newberry Observer. Click on the link or the photography to read full article written by Elyssa Parnell.

Meet the Cast

Alienography is a science fiction thriller about four friends who are in great danger after they inadvertently stumble upon an unworldly being who is also looking to take over their sleepy historic town. While the story is completely fictional we are pulling from real South Carolina history to tell our amazing frightening story. Such as did … Continue reading Meet the Cast