Meet the Cast

Alienography is a science fiction thriller about four friends who are in great danger after they inadvertently stumble upon an unworldly being who is also looking to take over their sleepy historic town.

While the story is completely fictional we are pulling from real South Carolina history to tell our amazing frightening story. Such as did you know that there is actually a town in South Carolina called Mars Bluff, which was hit by an atomic bomb in the 1950s or that there is an actual UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, SC. Yeah.. Not many people do! So not only are we going to scare you a bit and take you on a roller coaster of an adventure, we’re also going to educate you all on the forgotten tails and people of South Carolina.

The Cast

IMG_6387.PNG IMG_6388.PNG IMG_6389.PNG IMG_6390.PNG IMG_6391.PNG IMG_6392.PNG  IMG_6400.PNG

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